Learn Hebrew Online Cartoon: Prepositions

We are happy to present you a new video that we made for Hebrew prepositions.

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Have a beautiful week 🙂

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Eti Shani was born in Israel and has been teaching Hebrew for more than 10 years with a special interest and experience in ancient Hebrew scriptures and culture. She's also the author of a series of books for novice and intermediate Hebrew learners.

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  • PB

    Clear and concise. Useful and amusing. Another one?

  • e.klein

    Thanks FB, we are working on Facebook Hebrew learning games application. When the application is ready we shall link it to the hebrew blog as well. Shabat shalom umevorach שבת שלום ומבורך 🙂

  • julie

    please is there any studies in hebrew that is vocal without the background music or maybe gentle string music the fastbeat and drums is distracting, I have studied the effects of music on the brain for leaning and thinking. Thankyou and kind regards, julie

    • Eti Shani

      Dear Julie,

      Here is a link to Hebrew vocal without a background music https://soundcloud.com/learnoutlive.

      I hope you will find it supporting.

      Good Hanuka and may the candle illuminate our hearts.