Learn Latin Via Skype

Struggling to remember Latin vocabulary? Tired from learning declension tables by heart? Studying the history of Ancient Rome? Interested in reading and understanding classic Latin texts? Start learning Latin via Skype now with Anita.

Meet Latin Skype Teacher Anita

Latin teacher AnitaAnita Michaeli is an experienced teacher of ancient languages, notably Hebrew and Latin, in which she is instructing individual English/French speakers via the net. She uses a direct method adapted to the particular requirements of each learner.

Anita developed her distinct pedagogy as staff member in academic colleges in Israel. This proved consistently beneficial to the total beginner and useful to relatively seasoned students who intend to improve their Hebrew proficiency or their Latin skills.

Why Learn Latin Via Skype?

Save time and money by taking private Latin lessons via Skype from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a working internet connection and a microphone.

latin lesson rates

Each lesson is 45 minutes long and is custom-tailored to your individual learning needs.

Learning Latin via Skype is great for students who want to…

  • progress at their own pace
  • receive immediate feedback
  • set their own learning goals

For more information about your Latin lesson via Skype contact Anita:

After submitting your details, Latin teacher Anita will get back to you to schedule a first meeting on Skype to assess your learning levels and work out a personal study plan.