What’s in a Number? The Struggle Of Many and the Miracle of One

In today’s episode we discuss the meaning of the holiday of Shavuot/Pentecost in terms of personal experience, the storytelling of numbers and spiritual lovesickness.

intro/outro: Sammy's Medley, Creative Commons
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About Eti Shani

Eti Shani was born in Israel and has been teaching Hebrew for more than 10 years with a special interest and experience in ancient Hebrew scriptures and culture. She’s also the author of a series of books for novice and intermediate Hebrew learners.

  • Connie L Garrett

    Please talk more about the idea of what happens when the fruit is taken from the tree. It was a small comment that was made, but I want to understand what was being said.

    • א. קליין

      Thank you Connie for your question, when the fruit is taken from the tree, a person forgets where the fruit comes from, and who gives the tree, that gives the fruit, and when the fruit is in the hand of a person, the person feels the fruit is his, and was made only for his own pleasure (which is true because the cause of creation of the world was to benefit), and when he eats the fruit, and swallows the first bite, he continues to second bite, and forgets the giver, and instead of being in relation with the giver while eating, and being in one unity with the giver, a person eats to fill the belly, and in this moment, he disconnects himself from the giver, which considers for him a death sentence, because whenever a person gets what he/she wants, he kicks relation in general. The eating is just an allegory, of how we people relate to life in general, this is why in kindergarten in Israel children are being taught not to speak while eating….and another insight > a baby can not speak, because his mind is soft, but the moment he has the ability to eat bread, he also has the ability to speak…

      All the best, and have a beautiful month of Sivan

      • Connie L Garrett

        Thank you very much.