Why Do We Celebrate Lag BaOmer ?

Before we answer this question, we have to ask even more profound questions: 1) What is the Omer ? 2) What is the counting of the Omer ? 3) What is Lag BaOmer ? I shall try to answer these questions one by one, and build a general picture. Please feel free to comment or … Continue reading

Cute Butterfly פַּרְפַּר נֶחְמָד Parpar Nechmad

Cute Butterfly פַּרְפַּר נֶחְמָד Parpar Nechmad is the name of a Israeli kids TV Program which was produced in the 80s and 90s. The program dealt with different topics such as seasons of the year, holidays, families and friendships: The situations were introduced by actors/ singers conversing with puppets. The puppets were: Shabi שבי the snail, … Continue reading

New Moon Month Chesh-Van חשוון: Hebrew as Hyperlink Language

Chesh-van is the eighth month from Nissan (spring time, when Exodus occurred, the going out of Egypt). Chesh-van comes from Akkadian, Chash-man חשמן – meaning it’s the eigth. In Hebrew, shmone שמונה is eight. According to the bible, in this month (Chesh-Van) King Solomon completed building the first temple. The bible in Kings 1, chapter 6 calls … Continue reading