What Is The Hebrew Word For Rainbow?

Good Afternoon, Rainbow, arch - Keshet After the great flood, God establishes a covenant with Noah promises him he... Read More

November 11, 2018


What Is The Hebrew Word For Wine?

Several years after Joseph was sold by his brothers to be a slave and was taken to Egypt, a famine came to the land of... Read More

November 7, 2018


A Hyssop Bundle As A Symbol Of Unity

Hyssop - Ezov A day before the tenth plague, the Hebrews in Egypt were asked by Moses to distinguish themselves from... Read More

October 31, 2018


What Is The Hebrew Word For Window?

Good afternoon And Shalom, This Sunday we moved to a winter clock, which is characterized by more dark hours than the... Read More

October 30, 2018


A Book Recommendation: “Roots of the Bible” by Friedrich Weinreb

Shalom :) Today, we would like to recommend you the book: "Roots of the Bible", by Friedrich Weinreb. Weinreb was born... Read More

October 29, 2018


The Human Hand As A Mirror of Creation Of The Worlds

When we look at the human hand, we see five fingers which appear in the relation of 1:4. The independent thumb has the... Read More

October 25, 2018