Who are the “little foxes” in Song of Songs (2:15)?

Recently, we started a new series on our Hebrew Youtube channel about selected Bible verses. In the following episode we're... Read More

January 19, 2017


Taking Care of Orphans

They tell the story about Shmuel's father, that people used to deposit orphans' money in his place as a trust. Why... Read More

February 14, 2012


The Morning Star and Leah Goldberg’s Doe

When Leah Goldberg was 8 years old she started learning Hebrew in Kaunus (Kovno) Lithuania, and after only six months she... Read More

May 26, 2011


Cute Butterfly פַּרְפַּר נֶחְמָד Parpar Nechmad

Cute Butterfly פַּרְפַּר נֶחְמָד Parpar Nechmad is the name of a Israeli kids TV Program which was produced... Read More

May 19, 2011