Online College Of Biblical Hebrew

Welcome to the Online College of Biblical Hebrew, an online learning experience for everyone interested in diving into the wondrous world of ancient Hebrew language, mythology, and philosophy.

While staying loyal to traditional sources, our classes are not “academic” in the sense that you need years of theoretical study before you can participate. We welcome everyone with a genuine interest in Biblical Hebrew!

▶ How does it work?

Sessions take place on Discord in the #Conversations channel. Learn about core biblical concepts, perspectives of ancient wisdom and ask your own questions.

▶ Do you offer courses for beginners or advanced students?

We welcome learners from all stages. Whether you’ve only started learning the Hebrew alphabet or are already a seasoned reader of Talmud and Midrash, our teaching method is designed to include everyone who has a real desire to learn.

▶ What’s the schedule?

We currently host sessions on Mondays and Thursdays at 17:00 Israel time. (convert to your timezone)

▶ How can I join?

In order to participate in these sessions, you need to join our Discord’s stage channel. For further instructions and schedules, see here. Recordings of previous sessions can be found on YouTube.

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▶ How much does it cost?

It’s completely free! We believe in sharing these teachings with the whole world without any barriers. This is why we don’t have any enrollment or subscription fees. If you like what we’re doing and would like to support us, you can donate via Ko-Fi or via PayPal to help out with maintenance costs (webhosting, audio equipment, etc.).

For further questions, you can email us at [email protected]

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