The 5 Exiles Of The Soul According To The Ancient Hebrew Wisdom

What does it mean to be in exile, not just geographically, but psychologically? In today’s talk we briefly went through the so-called “5 Exiles” of Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome, and how they refer to certain qualities within us.

This conversation originally took place on Facebook Live Video. You can view the discussion and presentation there or go through the slides here:

Beyond Religion: Finding Relevance in Biblical Narratives For Daily Life

In today’s episode we talk about the role of luck, giving up conventional understanding and “the crack where the light gets in”.

Index of Hebrew words

אב – father – av

אבן – stone – even

הבנה – understanding – havanah

אברהם אהב + רם – Abraham – Avraham (Ahav-ram = loves the higher)

משיח – messiah – mashiach

מזל – luck – mazal

כוכבים – stars – kochavim

זרע – sperm – zera

לספור – to count – lispor

Further Links & Reading

Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, by Richard Bach

The Blue Angel (1930)

Midrash Bereshit Rabah


intro/outro: Sammy's Medley, Creative Commons

A Different Kind Of Charity: How One Thought Can Change The World

Today, we look at a parable from the book of Zohar, which illustrates how different streams within a person are in constant disagreement with each other and how understanding this inner conflict may lead to a more wholesome way of looking at life.

intro/outro: Sammy's Medley, Creative Commons

The Sting Of Uncertainty: Leaving Familiar Ground and Uncovering New Life

After a short pause (well, actually a few months… ) we’re back with another episode of our Bible Stories As Blueprints of the Soul Podcast in which we try to bring a new perspective to ancient narratives by marrying contemplative tradition and contemporary discourse

In today’s episode we discuss different ways of dealing with uncertainty as reflected in the story about Abraham and his father Terach.

intro/outro: Sammy's Medley, Creative Commons