A Hebrew English Dictionary Selection For Hebrew Language Learners

There are many ways to look up Hebrew words and find their English translation. In this post I’ll share with you a few Hebrew English Dictionaries which I’ve found helpful for language learners. The most well known Hebrew English dictionary is probably morfix. The website comes in two different versions: English and Hebrew.

A Fast And Simple Way

For beginner students it might be helpful to start out with the English user-interface of the dictionary website which can be found at morfix.co.il/en/. To translate an English word, just enter it into the search box. To look up the meaning of a word, type the vocabulary into the dictionary search box by using the provided virtual Hebrew keyboard. Unfortunately, this Hebrew English dictionary does not come with a pronunciation guide, neither in text nor audio form, so it’s not recommend for absolute beginners.

Translation + Transliteration

If you’re looking for a solid and simple dictionary for translating English words into Hebrew along with their correct pronunciation take a look here. The pronunciation is not provided in audio format, but as a transliteration, i.e. בית – (bait) house

Translate & Listen

The only free dictionary I’ve found so far that comes with audio is this one. Unfortunately the search function is less than perfect and it takes some practice to spot the correct translation among the list of search results. But by browsing the topics or categories, you get well-organized vocabulary lists — many of which come with audio pronunciation guide by a native modern Hebrew speaker.

Phrases & Pronunciation

Another good source for studying new vocabulary and even phrases along with their correct pronunciation can be found here. This resource is not a dictionary, strictly speaking, it focuses mostly on translations of everyday words and phrases such as “Two tickets please” – and while also here a search function is unfortunately completely absent, the transliterations help novice learners to quickly pronounce new words and phrases, even without being able to read Hebrew.

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