The Ladder Dream As A Metaphor

Do we dream, do we remember our dreams? While running away from his brother Esaw, Jacob had a dream. In his dream, he... Read More

March 26, 2019


Cain: The Beginning Of Civilization

Why was the first city in the world named educate? Cain - the first ever born child named after the verb "kaniti"... Read More

March 20, 2019


The Angels As An Expression Of The Soul

Sometimes we wonder why do we behave in a certain way or in another. But when we learn about the different aspects of... Read More


What Is The Difference Between Humans And Demons?

Humans have a reflection while demons don't. A person who walks down the street could see his reflection at the window's... Read More

March 19, 2019


What Is The Relation Between A King And A Craft?

What is the relation between a king and a craft? In every one of us, there is a hidden king in Hebrew מלך Melech,... Read More

March 13, 2019


Letter As Metaphors

We read many times in the Bible of women who can't conceive and can't be fruitful. But the Bible is not a gender... Read More

March 11, 2019