Dipping Bread In Salt

Dear Friends, when Adam ate from the tree of knowledge God asked him:” המן העץ?” Is it from The Tree (The known tree[that you have eaten])? The term המן העץ has the value of 260 or 10X26, meaning Adam ate from the whole tree (10 times 26) and there was no space for conversation. With it arrives double sword: A) silence אלם Elem and B) Violence. Which is reflected in the birth of the twins. Abel is the silent one, and Cain is the violent one. Now When we dip לחם במלח bread in the salt there is a correction of the first sin. Why? לחם במלח reflects the equation 78X2+78 (as in the sketch). This sum of 234 is 9X26 meaning 9 spheres only, not 10, the 10th the sphere is spaced out, remains empty, not consumed. And there is space for conversation, meaning, no longer two poles, that is a situation of combat, but a free space in which each one can express himself and be who he is, without canceling or aborting the other, but co-exists with respect to the divided kingdom, to the air, to the human spirit that dwells in each and every one of us. Now 234 is the hidden Value of Abraham אברהם for when we take the simple value of אברהם we get 248. Minus 14 (the hidden value of the letter ה that was given to him, we get 234. And this is in Gen 2 we find the word בהבראם with little ה that implies of 1-4 or Ed אד the mist or mystery (the heavenly kingdom) that Adam consumed in his eating of the Tree of Knowledge. And when Abraham came (which is to the 9 times 26) he corrected Adam’s spirit. He left the heavenly kingdom to the one. This why Ezekiel 33:24 says: One was Abraham.

Here is a little sketch for the general flow 🙂

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