Embark on a Musical Odyssey with Moabeats

You may have noticed in our recent posts, both here and on our YouTube community page, that we’ve been sharing new songs from our musical project, Moabeats.

But what exactly is Moabeats?

Moabeats is a musical collective that came to be during our time together in a virtual class and through our daily streams on YouTube.

Meet the Friends of Moabeats:

  • Felipe (Porto Alegre, Brazil) – guitar, piano, drums, vocals
  • Fernando (Porto Alegre, Brazil) – bass, guitar, harmonica
  • André (Haifa, Israel) – vocals, synths, sound design
  • Jeff (Minnesota, USA) – violin
  • Alexandre (Montreal, Canada) – visual art
  • Eti (Haifa, Israel) – lyrics, vocals

How did it all begin?

One evening after our class, I went to rest and fell asleep. During my slumber, I dreamt of a tiny voice knocking on a door, saying, “Knock knock, know, let me out of here, I want to get out of here.”

Upon waking with this strange notion, I jotted down the words for “Coal Man”, and made a quick recording. Felipe came up with a first idea of the musical space. Meanwhile, André joined in with vocals and effects processing. Then Fernando added a mesmerizing bassline.

The music continued to flow, and we shared whatever emerged among us—be it a text, a musical instrument, or a musical landscape. Over time, these elements came together, giving birth to unique songs across various genres and styles with beautiful covers and artworks by Alexandre:

Featuring the Friends:

Fernando reflects: “I believe that Moabeats evolved from an inner conversation, heard only because we, as friends, were living in a free environment full of sacredness and friendship. For us, this is music from the (inner) temple, as simple as that may be. ‘Coal Man’ might represent what was knocking on each door, gradually maturing, conquering its voice, and manifesting good deeds to the world. I regard us as the objects rather than the subjects of this cosmic ride.”

Adding to this cosmic ride is André, who says: “Music is like an instant vacation – a mode of imaginary travel and exploration, a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to zoom out, gain new perspectives, and sometimes even discover sonic vistas where no ear has gone before.”

Felipe puts it like this: “After a couple of years of nourishing a deep sense of friendship, established despite the long geographic distance between us, the music that dwelt inside each one of us began to assume prominence in our relationships. It took a while until we felt ready to embrace life and express the amazing music and poetry that were being built with a mortar composed of deep conversations, trust, and respect. For me, Moabeats is an unknown possibility and a place where two can meet.”

Adding his voice to the chorus, Jeff Peterson expresses: “It is a joy to play in violin and fiddle styles with other musicians. The Lord has helped me through this ability to make many connections with people over the years, including an international one with Moabeats lately. Thank you for listening to us and considering how your own creative journeys in music can continue to inspire new connections.”

And Alexandre summarizes: “To be in tune with Moabeats has been just easy: there is a voice synchronized in fine tuning that pulses at megahertz, amplifying the signal of telepathy. Upwind, against the current, across lands and seas, there is a sound wave that spreads through the air, leading to the magic that never fades away, leading to the gift of enchanting excavated under tan skin, seeking out everything that glitters, a blue tourmaline eye, a miracle Doline lagon.”

Join us as we dive into the enchanting world of Moabeats—a testimony to the beauty of friendship, creativity, and the magic that happens when souls come together in harmony.

Stay tuned for more beats and melodies from the heart,


P.S.: You can find us on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and other platforms.

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