Four Types of Human Behavior According To The Talmud

The Talmud tell us about four types of human behavior:

And Rabbi Ovadya from Bartnora explains:

1) Mine is Mine and Yours is Yours

This is a medium behavior.

“I don’t want to bestow on you, and I wish you wouldn’t bestow on me.”

And some say this kind of behavior is similar to the behavior of  the people in the city of Sodom.

Example: I give something to someone and to benefit him, he will be happy and I shall not lose anything; Such a behavior could not exists in the City of Sodom, because the people of Sodom could not see anybody being happy or enjoy life. See

2) Mine is Yours and Yours is Mine

Somebody who enjoys life and lets anybody enjoy life as well. This is a common behavior, but this kind of behavior also shows ignorance since people ignore the verse written in Proverbs 15:27 “The one who hates gifts shall live“. And this is a common behavior among people all over the place, that want to improve their behavior but do not have the sense to distinguish the right track.

In modern English we could translate this as:”Live and let live!

3) Mine is Yours and Yours is Yours

This is the behaviour of a devotee (Hassid). He lets people enjoy his properties and he doesn’t take from others. In this kind of behavior we see a person who shows some value and adopts the Creator‘s quality that the only reason of his existence is to bestow.

4) Yours is Mine and Mine is Mine

His things are his and he wants to swallow the other as well, a black hole.

This is how the Talmud describes “evil”.


Pirkei Avot chapter 5;9:10

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