Human Was Born To Do Good: Job 5:7

Shalom to all,

Usually, when we read the verse from Job 5:7 we find the common translation to English and the common understanding in Hebrew: “Yet man is born to trouble”. But it ain’t necessarily so.

Let have a close look at the Hebrew Bible letters which express the following words:
כי אדם לעמל יולד
“Ki Adam Le-Amal Yulad”, meaning: “For human was born to do good.”

The question is how do we come to an opposite perspective of the verse if the word Amal עמל in Hebrew means: effort, hard work, laboring and even suffering. And the answer is simple: If we read the verse in the temporal-external plain, we would say ”that the man was born to make an effort and hard work”, but if we read the verse from the inner eternal perspective we see the coming picture:

The word Amal עמל is written in Hebrew in three letters: Ayin-Mem-Lamed 70-40-30, which sum up in 140. Putting aside the zero (for zero is not a number but nothing), we remain with the number 14, or the relation of 1-4 (One to four). So from the inner perspective, the cause or the reason for a human אדם Adam to be born is to do good by attributing all events, happenings, coincidences, and incidents to the sources, to the origin, to the one.

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