Joseph And Jacob In Egypt As A Corrected Version Of Adam

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Yesterday in our conversation we mentioned the fact that Joseph and his father, Jacob were mummified in Egypt. The reason that the book of Zohar come with is a spiritual one.

The book says that Jacob and Joseph are the corrected version of Adam who ate from the tree of knowledge alone without the tree of life, and brought destruction. However, by living in Egypt, the world of duality and immense development in a different timeline of history, Joseph and Jacob managed to open an opening in which the world of the one could exist as well.

In this manner, it was the correction of the first sin — why? Adam was asked not to eat from the tree of knowledge alone without the tree of life. Otherwise, he will destroy the peace and the harmony of the garden of Eden, because only knowing and developing without connecting to the origin, the tree of life, will create more separation which will bring more and more distance from the source which has harmony and peace.

Adam ate from the tree of knowledge alone, without considering the one who created it. The gap which was built between his recognition and the harmony of the garden of Eden was so big that he found himself outside of the Garden.

Jacob and Joseph are a corrected version of d Adam because they can live in the land of Egypt, the world of multiplicity, duality, and development and still they can connect to the one.

The mummification of Joseph and Jacob shows that their whole life was complete since in whatever they did they considered the-one, the origin, the reason of reasons, this is why their bodies are perfect, nothing shattered like the one. Their mummification is proof that they were created in the image of God.

In the picture above, we can see a fig which came to completion of full growth. The Bible uses the same verb, חנט chanat, (mummified), both for the full development of the fig, as well for the medical treatment of preserving the human body with oils balsam and perfumes.

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