“Law of Attraction” in Hebrew – Meditation

Hello dear friends, we are happy to share with you the Shabbat meditation about the “Law of Attraction” in Hebrew.

Here is the translation to English:

The meditation text:

“Just the fact that the earth rotates around the earth at the rate of 365 days
from there comes the law of Shmita”
“that is to say the clear looking at laws of nature”
“This is not an idea of someone”
“not a thought of someone”
“because a person doesn’t think thoughts”
“the person is just a receptor”
“receives thoughts from infinite thought”
“We don’t think our own thoughts”
“Man has no private thoughts”
“in truth, there is infinite consciousness”
“the infinite streams of consciousness stream through us”
“the Torah is not a personal matter”
“it is not a private matter”
“it doesn’t talk about people at all”
“but through names”
“of people and names of places”
“These are not stories of private people”
“the relations between Jacob and Rachel are in facts relations between planets”
“That’s why he loves here”
“he cannot, not love her”
“because such is the law of attraction/gravity” (same word in Hebrew)


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