The Second Day and Third Eye

What is the relation between the second day and the third day of creation? How can we stop struggling with the past, or with the notion of time? And w ...

October 12, 2021


A Story of A Typesetter

A story of a Typesetter who every day used to arrange the letters in holy books. He did his job faithfully with great love. The letters were the love of his life, his holy vessel. Every morning he would clean them of the remnants of the previous day’s ink, and illuminate them against the sun. … Continue reading

October 11, 2021


A Little Conversation For The Day of Atonement

How to build the human vessel in 10 days, and prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for the coming year? Join our conversation 🍒 Shana ...

September 12, 2021


To Understand Elisha’s Request

How can we decode the relations between a teacher and his disciple? And how can we understand Elisha's request to have a double portion of spirit than ...

August 23, 2021


Language and a Word

What is the relation between a language and a word? Where do they come from, and what do they carry? Join our daily conversation. Gen 1:2 ????? ...

August 22, 2021


The Birth Of The Messiah

Where is the messiah hiding? Join our daily conversation 🍒 ~~~~~ Biblical Hebrew Links & Resources ~~~~~ Blog: https://hebrew.learnout ...

August 7, 2021