A Little Conversation For The Day of Atonement

How to build the human vessel in 10 days, and prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for the coming year? Join our conversation 🍒 Shana ...

September 12, 2021


To Understand Elisha’s Request

How can we decode the relations between a teacher and his disciple? And how can we understand Elisha's request to have a double portion of spirit than ...

August 23, 2021


Language and a Word

What is the relation between a language and a word? Where do they come from, and what do they carry? Join our daily conversation. Gen 1:2 ????? ...

August 22, 2021


The Birth Of The Messiah

Where is the messiah hiding? Join our daily conversation 🍒 ~~~~~ Biblical Hebrew Links & Resources ~~~~~ Blog: https://hebrew.learnout ...

August 7, 2021


One Note – Love

Where does live Adam (man) inside of us? Where does live his wife? Join our daily conversation Gen 2:24 ???-????, ???????-?????, ???-??????, ????? ...

July 27, 2021


Awake The Biblical Story Within

Who is the assistant that was created against human pride and inflated sense of self-importance? Why does the bible name it "flesh" and essence? Join ...

July 25, 2021