The Shofar: Leviticus 23:24

What is the secret of the shofar? Join our daily conversation 🍒 Leviticus... Read More

August 28, 2020


The Spiritual Root of The Seventh Month: Numbers 29:1

What is the spiritual root of the seventh month from spring, and why specifically Adam and Eve were created in it? Join our... Read More

August 27, 2020


Two Calendars

How to bridge two different calendars? Join our daily conversation 🍒 Deuteronomy... Read More

August 25, 2020


Approaching The Tree of Life

How do we access the tree of life? Join our daily conversation 🍒 Song of Solomon... Read More

August 21, 2020


The Paradox of The Trees: Genesis 1:11-12

What is the difference between fruit-tree, and tree-bearing-fruit? And how those two trees are reflected in our lives? Join... Read More

August 18, 2020


Who Is A living Soul? Genesis 2:7

What is the hidden quality in the life of the individual that makes him speak on the behalf of the general spirit? Join our... Read More

August 17, 2020