The Letter Kaf As A Metaphor

The letter Kaf is the eleventh letter in the Hebrew Alphabet and has the numeral value of twenty. The letter Kaf has the... Read More

June 8, 2019


The Contract Between God And The Human Soul

Shabat Shalom, [caption id="attachment_3872" align="alignnone" width="411"] The Illustration is from "Tripartite... Read More


The Lily As A Metaphor

In Song of Songs chapter 2 verse1 we find the words: "I am the one whos hidden in the shadow of the plain, a lily of the... Read More

May 29, 2019


Jerusalem As A Metaphor

What does the name Jerusalem mean in... Read More


The Purple Snail As A Metaphor

In the photo, we can see a purple shell. Its original name in Greek is Porphyra. The ancient Romans named a geographical... Read More


Jacob And Esau As A Metaphor

When Rebecca was pregnant after 20 years of marriage she had great pain, more than the usual pain that women have when... Read More

May 10, 2019