Swallowed In The Sea of Belief

In today’s episode we talk about the inner struggle between knowledge and belief, the pulling power of belief and a basic sense of trust.

A key to understand the bible stories, is to see what kind of role every figure plays, since all the bible stories are actually being told in one person.

So for example, when we speak about Moses, we speak about the sense of belief in a person’s life, and when we mention the name of Aaron, we mean the aspect of the great Cohen in a person, or the great priest which is referring to the sphere of wisdom that illuminates a person life.

Going back to our weekly portion, to “Parashat Beshalach“, in this episode we talk about Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, and about Moses, who leads the sons of Israel out of Egypt and symbolizes the “pulling power” of belief

In this conversation we try to see who is Pharaoh in a person, who is Moses from an inner standpoint, why Pharaoh regrets and chases Israel on their way out of Egypt, what is the Red Sea, how belief can swallow every calculation, and why at the end of the day, belief or trust can win any battle — all of this and more in the following conversation.

Shabat Shalom

intro/outro: Sammy's Medley, Creative Commons
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