The Landlord Slices and The Guest is Blessing

“The Landlord Slices and The Guest is Blessing”. Is a well known quotation from the Talmud. Since the Talmud contains six parts and each part called Mishnah, it is also known as Shisha Sidrei Mishnah ששה סדרי משנה. The first part of the Talmud is Seder Zera’im (the seeds order) and its first tractate is Berakhot blessings בְּרָכוֹת. This is also where is our quot is coming from, blessings 46:1.”The Landlord Slices and The Guest is Blessing”.

We can ask the following questions: Who is the Landlord ? Who is the guest ? Why does the Landlord slice ?And why the guest is blessing ?

A human being expects to feel in his life completion by fulfilling all his wishes. The Landlord is the higher power that’s slices and cuts the reality and does not

supply him the sense of completion, but a hackled cut reality that handles itself far beyond his understandings, and then a person suffers. But a man has to believe that the cutting is for him, and this is why he should bless it, as if he would have blessed what he understood is good for him. And this this why the sages said a man should bless on the bad as well as he blesses for the good.

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