The Presents Tree עֵץ המתנות Etz Hamatanot

Since I am working as an online teacher I am devoted to the process of teaching and invest most of my time and efforts looking for new ways, strategies and tools, to create interesting lessons. As a consequence, I have to spend less time out side of home. But still, if you want to maintain a clean, sharp and thin lifestyle by free choice, what do you do on a daily or weekly basis when you need to evacuate things from your apartment? (For me, almost everyday there are little things or packages that I want to share…)

Next to our home there are most beautiful palms which give us a compassionate shade during the steamy hot summer days, and grant us with sweat brown fruit around September.

So how to combine the need to give and the need to remain completely anonymous, with the bare necessity of  not losing any precious time ?

The answer came spontaneously without noticing, One day when we were having a walk, I asked my husband to hang the present package which I prepared at home, on a palm tree.

When we came home, the package was already taken, and the next day I hung another package with blue glass wind bells. When I came from the grocery the package was gone and I was happy : ) saying, from now on, the palm tree which we hang the present on is called The Presents tree עֵץ המתנות Etz Hamatanot.🙂

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