The Relation Between Spirit and Matter

Shalom to all 🙂

During the preparations for our online sessions, I prepared this card that reflects the relation between spirit and matter. Here it is:

On the right side of the slide we see a man who is riding a donkey, and on the left a donkey is riding a man. When the man is riding a donkey the donkey is humble looking down at the ground in a humble way, the man is resting on the Donkey. On the left the donkey rides the man. The man can not stand straight, he collapseד under the load, while the donkey gets wild and kicks his four legs in the air. The Hebrew word for a Donkey is חמור Chamor when we change the order of the letters in the word we get a new word, חומר Chomer which is material in English. When the man is riding the donkey, the Human spirit guides the world, when the donkey rides the man, the Material takes over, and the human spirit is crushed.


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