What Does A Horse Reflect?

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Horse in Hebrew is סוס, sus, and is written in three letters, Samech, Vav, Samech. The numeral value of the word sus סוס is 60,6,60 and in simple numbers without the decades is 6,6,6.

In the Book of Deuteronomy 17:16 while walking the last few miles in the desert, Moses prepares the people of Israel to the day they shall have a king. And he says: “That he (the future king) shall not have many horses, and he shall not return the people to Egypt again.

Since the Bible is not a history book but more like a spiritual guide to the human soul who travels the earth, what does Moses mean by speaking of the horse? What does a horse reflect?

As we implied above, a horse in Hebrew is written with three letters, סוס, which we can be reflected in the simple numbers of 6,6,6.

The number six stands for the material world, which is a closed and sealed word. Like a box which has six phases, 4 directions of the wind and up and down. In a closed box, nothing can come in, and nothing can go out. In such a structure there is no place for the spirit to come not mentioning to dwell.

But what is the connection between horses and Egypt? When the Bible writes Egypt it does not mean geographical Egypt, but the concept of Egypt.

Egypt מצרים Mitzraim stands for dabble narrowness, a place in which we bounce from one pole to the other without finding a resting place. without finding peace. Moses knows that when a person sinks in the material in the world of six, this situation will bring him to an inner conflict, of which it will be almost impossible to take him out again.

Which biblical city conceives in its name the, the number six? (the number six in Hebrew is Shesh שש)

A hint: Look at the book of Jonah

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