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A New Award-Winning Hebrew TV Series: “Shtisel”

Shalom, I've just posted a new article on our main blog about the new award-winning Israeli TV series called "Shtisel".... Read More

April 3, 2014

language learning

A Hebrew English Dictionary Selection For Hebrew Language Learners

There are many ways to look up Hebrew words and find their English translation. In this post I’ll share with you a few... Read More

June 5, 2013


Free Hebrew Bible Download & English Translation

Many times people ask me where to get a free download of the Hebrew Bible with English translation. Depending on your... Read More

May 26, 2013

language learning

3 Ways To Type Hebrew Without A Hebrew Keyboard

Everyone who's learning Hebrew as a foreign language eventually reaches the point where they need their computer or mobile... Read More

May 20, 2013

language learning

Top 10 Israeli Movies

Israeli cinema has a lot to offer. Here's our small selection of best Israeli movies,  YMMV. Not only can watching movies... Read More

December 9, 2012