Haggadah and Storytelling

Haggadah is a story that we tell every Passover (Pesach פסח) together with family and friends. The story is about a group of  slaves that managed to go out of slavery and walked to their freedom. The story is also known as the Exodus.

Haggadah = Legend in English.

Interestingly Legend in English we spell leg+end (meaning the the leg of a person is the end of body) to bypass the end (since there is not any reference to the spirit) we tell a story from a father to son from a mother to child from a friend to friend to keep the spirit high and alive.

The word Haggadah was created from the verb Lehagid להגיד meaning to tell,  which came from the noun Gid גיד  in English a tendon, which usually connects the muscle to the bone.

So when we observe the language carefully: Hebrew, English or any other what kind of a storytelling hides in the language ?

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