Hebrew Handwriting for Absolute Beginners (and a freebie)


Mah neeshmáh?*

The holiday season in Israel and abroad has ended and we hope you had a great Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah. During the last few weeks we took the time to reflect and think about how to teach Hebrew even better.

And what we noticed is that many people, after coming to grips with the letters and sounds of the Hebrew alphabet, are frustrated when it comes to reading Cursive Hebrew.

Why is that? Because, unlike in English, the handwritten and printed letters in Hebrew often vary to such a degree that it feels like learning yet another alphabet!

So some people just say: “Why bother? Who needs handwriting anyway? We’re living in the age of Twitter and instant messages!”

While that may be true, it’s also a fact that Cursive Hebrew plays a significant role in Modern Hebrew. Whether it’s product descriptions in the supermarket, that little slip of paper from the post-office telling you when to pick up a package, or scrawled notes by colleagues and significant others, handwriting is everywhere in Israel. It can be confounding at first, but it’s actually not that difficult to learn!

This is why we designed a new visual guide book about Hebrew Handwriting for absolute beginners that will (hopefully) make learning cursive Hebrew a breeze.

The book comes in Kindle format (compatible with every device from iPad to Blackberry) and we’re offering it at a special price of $2.99 for a limited time only!

You can get it here or by clicking on your corresponding country code:

Amazon US | UK | DE | FR | ES | IT

This book contains:

* visualizations of the 22 Hebrew cursive letters (and 5 ending letters)
* side-by-side comparison between printed and cursive letters
* step-by-step writing instructions for each letter
* special notes designed to improve memorization
* many examples showing the cursive letters in everyday writing
* additional in-text navigation for easier referencing

But wait! There’s more! To celebrate this new release and, as a way of saying thanks to our loyal readers, we’re also giving away our previous Hebrew alphabet workbook for free for the next 24 hours. Simply click here or on the country code of your favorite Amazon domain:

Amazon US | UK | DE | FR | ES | IT

That’s all for now.

We wish you a fruitful learning experience and lots of fun!

Eti Shani


P.S.: we also updated and created new editions of two older books: Igool ha Peleh (the magic circle) and The Hebrew Alphabet Picture Book.

* “How are you?”

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