Letter As Metaphors

We read many times in the Bible of women who can’t conceive and can’t be fruitful. But the Bible is not a gender magazine nor fertility review. The Bible describes the reality of which a person can not harvest fruits, physical or spiritual.

A situation of which people are stuck and can’t be fruitful can’t take anything into their system, or outside of their system is symbolized by the letter Mem Sofit (Final Mem) which is written as a closed square ם.

A situation of which people are open to the world and have a relation of coming and going with it, an ongoing conversation with the world and its wonders is symbolized by the regular letter Mem מ which has a little opening in it.

The word for a womb in Hebrew Is רחם Rechem, with final Mem ם at the end of the word, while the word for tomorrow (implying for the future) is מחר, which is written with regular open Mem מ.

And to summarize our little conversation: the sense of tomorrow in us always gives us hope, and keep us open for the future.

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