Miracles In The Supermarket

Today, when I was passing through the supermarket, I noticed a yellow canned corn and a Hebrew title below that caught my eye,”אמונה גדולה יכין” meaning, ‘great belief Yachin’.

When I saw this title I was so happy, thinking that the supermarket offers its customers belief as a slogan: furthermore; the temple in Jerusalem stood on two pillars, each one had a name: The right pillar named Yachin (meaning, he shall prepare) and the left pillar named Bo’az (meaning, in him there is a bravery)[Kings 1, 7:21] Knowing this fact about the right pillar, yachin, and combing this with the fact that great belief is the right foundation(column) in life; I thought that the company was very creative in installing such a slogan on the shelf, simply because it makes sense and also has historical background.

I had a great joy and was deeply impressed from the title, that I continued to stand in front of the shelf and read the slogan time after time, when suddenly one of the letters looked a bit different, it was פ and not מ as I saw before: Now a new word appeared: “אפונה” meaning pea, and not “אמונה” belief: At that moment it made sense cause Yachin is a factory which makes canned food.

And though it was an error of the eye(I), in those moments that everything comes together, you simply feel happy.

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Eti Shani was born in Israel and has been teaching Hebrew for more than 10 years with a special focus on Hebrew/Aramaic scriptures, mythology and symbolism.
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