The Daughter’s Blessing

Rabban Gamli-el’s daughter got married. She came to him and asked for blessings: “Father, father, please pray for me and bless me!” she weeped.

Rabban Gamli-el looked at her raising his right eyebrow and said: “I hope and pray that you will not come back here”.

The following year his daughter gave birth to a son, she came to him embracing the little child in her arms and asking: “Father, father, please pray for me and bless me!”

Rabban Gamli-el smoothed his right hand on his beard and said: “I hope and pray that you will not stop saying ‘Oy!’“.

The poor daughter immediately started crying: “Father, father, two happy events happened in my life and you curse me?”

Rabban Gamli-el looked with his blue eyes to infinity and answered calmly: “Both are blessings, my child, as a consequence from peace in your home you shall not return here, and from the fact that your son will exist, you will not stop saying ‘Oy!‘; “Oy! that my son didn’t eat!’, ‘Oy!’  that my son didn’t drink’, ‘Oy! that my son didn’t go to school'”.


Sourse : Genesis Rabbah portion 26

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