Noah’s Ark an expression of Belief

When we read the bible stories, we have to draw to ourselves, that all the names, verbs and descriptions, all of them are inner situations inclusive in one person. Because the bible speaks of one soul. Moreover, the Torah ( five books of Moses) reveals processes in the human soul.

This lance we take with us as approaching the Noah’s Ark story. Noah is asked to build an ark. For the term Ark, the Torah uses the Hebrew word Te-va תיבה, which is written in an opposite Alphabetical order: For instance, Ba-it, home, בית is written in an Alphabetic order, Bet, Yod, Tav ב,י,ת while the word Ark in Hebrew Te-va תיבה, is written in an opposite Alphabetic order Tav, Yod, Bet, Heh תיבה.

How do we connect all of this to single bond ? When Noah was asked to build an Ark he was basically asked to change a direction. What is the essence of changing the direction ? Instead of looking outside of him, he was questioned to look inside of him and to absorb.

The Ark symbolizes a process of going inside oneself and finding some peace with all the animals that we take inside the Ark. Though the animals are different from each other, they live in peace in the inner mode of the ark.

The Torah isn’t just an historical geographical genealogical book, but a precise process of human spirit growth.

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