On Brotherhood, the Temple of the Heart and Jerusalem

Two brothers were in Jerusalem: One was married and had children, and the other was a bachelor. They were both farmers. As summer passed by, the brothers started collecting the wheat into their barns. After the sun set, the brothers went to theirs huts, but could not fall asleep.

The older brother thought of his younger brother, that he is a bachelor and doesn’t have a wife and children yet and he wanted to make him happy, so he went to his barn, took some sheaves and moved them into his brother’s barn. The younger brother could not sleep either, he was thinking of his older brother and his family, since they are few souls maybe they need more wheat? So at midnight he went to his barn, took some sheaves and moved them to his brother’s barn.

On the next morning the two brothers woke up. The older brother went to his barn and saw that the quantity of wheat in his barn did not change, although he had given his brother half of the wheat. The older brother wondered how can it be? and told himself that the next night he shall give, again, his brother half of the wheat that he possesses.

The younger brother, after washing his face went to his barn and he, too could not believe what he saw. Though he had given his brother half of his wheat the other night, nothing was lacking. “Strange”,said the brother to himself, “last night I gave my brother half of the wheat, how can it be that nothing is lacking ? This night I shall give my brother half of the wheat”.

Though the brothers used  to work together during the days, none of them mentioned the happenings of the night before, they continued working happily in the fields, knowing in their hearts that the day is only a preparation for the giving night to come.

When the sky turned purple and deep blue, the brothers sat down to eat supper with sparks in their eyes. They were eating, drinking and talking, sharing the happenings of the day, while in each other’s heart there was only one wish: to give the other brother half of the wheat.

The happy meal was sealed with music and blessings for the good fortune they have. And each of the brothers went to sleep in his hut, waiting with anticipation for the great hour to come. As the northern wind started blowing on their harps that were hanging around their necks, whispering in their ears that midnight shall come, the two brothers stood up, each in his hut, and walked to their barns, piling sheaves to be moved to the others brother’s barn.

While gladly moving the wheat to the other brother’s barn, the two brothers finally ran into each other. Each one holding a sheaf in his hands. The younger brother opened:” Dear brother, I wanted to give you and your family the wheat that you shall not lack a thing”, “and I”, said the older brother,” I wanted to give you the wheat to make you happy”. That moment the brothers understood what happened the other night and hugged each other.

Some people say, that in the place where the brothers met that night, the temple was built, because a temple is a place, where two can meet.

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