The Contract Between God And The Human Soul

Shabat Shalom,

The Illustration is from “Tripartite Mahzor,” 1320, Germany.

In the book Song of Songs (4:8) we find the verse: “With me from Lebanon, my bride”. In the verse, we find a description of God convincing the human soul to leave its home in heaven and go down to live life on earth.

The human soul has no interest to go down from its throne and experience life on earth in darkness disconnection and chaos, but God convinces it to do so by naming it “my bride”, and promising it that it will never go down alone, but with him.

The transliteration of the verb is: “Itee Milvanon, Kala”
which means in English: “With me from Lebanon, my bride”. אתי מלבנון כלה. The word that we see in golden letters is “with me” אתי “Itee”.

The word Lebanon is a metaphor for Providence, For the word Lebanon comes from “Lavan” which in Hebrew means “white”. And the providence is all white because it’s illuminated by the infinite light.

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