The Desert As An Expression Of Duality

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While the tree of life expresses itself by the number one, the eternal unity and the source of life, the tree of Knowledge, however, expresses by the number two, the infinite development, multiplicity, conflicts, and opposites.

The Bible starts with the letter ב bet, is already hinting to us that we are in a foreign world, the world of dualism, the world of conflicts, the world of eternal struggle that has no peace. A society which consists of opposites such as night and day, good and evil, water and fire.

While the letter ב Bet and the number 2 represent the world of dualism, the world of conflicts and eternal struggle, the letter ד Dalet and the number 4 represent their multiplicity. The word desert in Hebrew מדבר Midbar we write with four letters. Mem, Dalet, Bet, Resh and has the numeral value of 40 – 4 – 2 – 200, and in pure numbers, 4 – 4 – 2 – 2.

The word desert מדבר Midbar symbolizes the dualism, the world of opposites, and constant trouble, like Egypt. The sons of Israel who are walking 40 years in a desert still yearn to go back to Egypt. They are marching through 42 journies fighting and arguing Moses on every step of the way.

The land of Egypt מצרים we write in five letters: Mem, Tzadik, Resh, Yod, Mem. and reflected in the numbers 40 – 90 – 200 – 10 – 40 which equals 380, While the land Of Canaan we write in four letters, Kaf, Nun, Ayin, Nun and reflected in the numbers 20 – 50 – 70 – 50 which equals 190. The relation between Egypt מצרים, Mitzrayaim and the Canaan כנען is 380:190 which has the same ratio of 2:1. While Egypt is the word that represents the dualism, Canaan is a word that represents the-world-of-the-one.

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