The Roots Of Hanukkah

Good morning and happy Hanukkah 🙂

The roots of Hanukkah are rooted in the times when the Greek way of thinking met the Hebrew way of thinking. The Hebrew believed in the spirits and kept a lifetime that supports it. Learning and discussing the bible stories, resting one day in a week, and circumcise their children.

The Greek believed in materializing the spirit by building sculptures.
Heading Jerusalem, they went into the temple smashing the Menora on the floor while making sure it will never illuminate by spilling the olive oil all over the place.

The Menorah was a symbol of the human spirit influencing the world, while the olive oil was a symbol of giving, for the olive oil give light, and warms the human heart, with its light we can read in the dark and find the new way of thinking and relating. From the olive oil, we can make soap and remedies, from its trank we can build houses and furnish them, and from its fruit, we can eat.

By smashing the Menorah and Spilling the olive oil, the greeks denounce goodness and giving. But in spite of the trouble, a new can of oil was found and illuminated the Menorah, not just for one day, but for eight days. And this the reason why we celebrate Hannukah to say that in the long run goodness wins.

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