What Does Lion Symbolize?

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The word Lion in Hebrew is 讗专讬讛 Arye. The lion is considered to be the king of the animals. Like a king who has a crown, the lion has a mane.

The letters of the word Arye 讗专讬讛 (lion) hide more optional words in it. Such as the word 讬专讗讛 Yira’a, which in Hebrew means the respect of the higher.

And the noun 专讗讬讛 re-ee-ya, which stands for the ability to see, as a fruit of being wise. Being wise refers to the fact of seeing beyond the flesh eyes, the secret level in Hebrew 住讜讚 Sod which operates the life on earth.

Another aspect of the word Arye 讗专讬讛 (lion) is its numeral value. The numeral value of the word 讗专讬讛 lion Arye, is 216, as the word bravery in Hebrew 讙讘讜专讛 Gevurah. Implying us that the real bravery starts when we manage to overcome and see beyond the mechanical scene and the flesh eyes level, just like the king of the universe.

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