Why The Flood Didn’t Harm The Fishes

Ancient lore tells us that while the whole world was suffering from the destruction of the flood, the fishes continued to swim undisturbedly under the water. In other words, for the population of the fishes life was as usual.

When we relate to the flood not just as historical one, but as a law which tunes our lives, how does a stream of water which threatens to chock us manifest itself in our daily life?

Water symbolizes time. And the water which is coming from all directions to drown us, refer to the mechanical activities that we participate.

When the mechanical activity takes over until no space for the soul to dwell, the soul hides, darkness comes and the bodies extinguished. In this situation, we experience a complete meltdown.

Back to the lore, the fishes continued to live their lives underwater undisturbed, because they had never participated in the revealed mechanical life on land. For the fishes are an aspect of people who observe life from being there, from the soul perspective, from a hidden perspective, This is why the fishes always keep their eyes open, implying that the soul never sleeps and always aware and observe everything.

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