The Relation Of Joseph And his Father Jacob To Life through The Lance of Numbers

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Today we had a conversation, live broadcast about Jacob last years in Egypt. Here is a little summary of it. Jacob and his family members (70 in number) came to live in Egypt due to a hard famine in the land of Canaan.

Jacob lived seventeen years in Egypt when he asked his son, Joseph, to bring him to resting place among his fathers Abraham and Isaac in Cave of Machpella in Hebron. Joseph promised to do so.

Meanwhile, Jacob assembles his sons and blesses them, when he finishes he collects his feet on to the bed and perishes.

Joseph asks the Egyptians doctors to mummify Israel, his father. (This is the place to mention that Joseph’s father has both names: Jacob, the name that he was given at birth, and Israel, the name he was provided by the man he was fighting in the crossing of Yaboc river. When the Bible uses the name Israel the Bible mean the whole aspect of a human being).

The Egyptians doctors complete the process in forty days, while the people of Egypt were weeping his loss for seventy more days. After asking from Pharaoh and having his consent Joseph, his brothers, and a tremendous vast caravan of escorts are rising to the land of Canaan to bury their father when they arrive at Jordan River, they morn for him seven more days.

Why does the Bible bother to mention all of these numbers what significance do they have, what all of those numbers want to teach us?
Forty days of mummifying, seventy days of weeping in Egypt and another seven days of the morning in the Jordan river. Is there any glorify secret hiding behind those numbers?

Let’s look again at the number and try to build to story from them. 40 + 70 + 7 = 117. The number of 117 we can also write like this 1:17 in this manner we can see the relation between The-one to, the unity, the origin, the root, and the good, which is expressed itself in the number of seventeen which is the geriatric of the word Tov טוב which means good in Hebrew.




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