The “Word” As A Spiritual Ark

Good evening,

This afternoon we had a beautiful session. We talked about the term “Teva” in Hebrew, which means a “word” and also an “ark.” And the fact that the flood was not just a historical event, but the term “flood” also means a state in which a human being cannot find his place in the world which is so chaotic. So, in this case, of a “mental flood”, the Bible offers us to encapsulate ourselves in a “word” (“Teva” תבה) in a concept, in an idea.

When our inner situation is in the “word” (of God), nothing can harm us. Few generations after the flood, In Egypt, a Hebrew mother put her baby in the ark, over the water of the Nile. The story about little Moses is not just a historical one. The river Nile is a metaphor for the river of time, and the only way to cross “the water of time” safely, is by being in the word of God. For the “word” exists beyond time and space.

And to those of you who wish to participate in future sessions, please send us an email to [email protected] write your name and location. Meanwhile, have a good evening whenever you are 🙂

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