Man And Woman As A Metaphor

Both terms for man and woman in Hebrew contain the word fire in them – “Esh” אש. The word for man in Hebrew, “Ish” איש, includes the great fire, and the word for a woman in Hebrew “Isha” אשה contains the little fire. What makes the difference between their fire are the letters: The man has a fire with a volume of 10 (the letter Yod י), and the woman has a fire with the quantity of 5 (the letter Heh ה). The linguistic relation between “Ish” and “ISha” in Hebrew is the proof said one lore, that the woman was created from the man: “Ish” >”Isha.” In the ancient language of Aramaic, the man is named “Gavra,” and the woman is called “Itateh”, and also in Greek man is named “Anthropos” and woman is named “Gyni”.

Here is a little presentation to illustrate the idea:



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