What Does A Carrot Symbolize?

Carrot – Gezer

Every year at the beginning of fall, Hebrew people all over the world are celebrating the birth of humanity, and the beginning of new Hebrew Year. Because according to the Hebrew believe Adam and Eve were born in this time of the year, and with them, the perception of time was born too.

And since to every celebration, there is a meal attached, We eat fruit and vegetables that symbolize inner aspects of new beginnings. For example, we eat carrot גזר Gezer the Hebrew the letters of the word Gezer are: Gimmel, Zein Reish. In Hebrew the verb ג.ז.ר means to cut, so we eat the carrot and we bless “That we shall make good decisions” because, in order to make a decision, we need to cut (in Hebrew lig-zor) between options.

Even the English letters of the carrot tell us a story the letter c.r.t – are equivalent to the Hebrew letter כ.ר.ת which means to chop.

So good luck with the new decisions and Shana Tova – Good Year 🙂


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