The Metaphysics Of The Binding of Isaac

Which kind of a father would sacrifice his son? Which thought will send a father for such a mission, and how... Read More

September 14, 2018


The Lion And The Fox As Types Of Human Behavior

Lion - Ar-ye, Fox - Shu-al The ancient sages made already a clear distinction between a lion and a fox. While the... Read More

September 2, 2018


What Do The Ocean And The Whale Reflect In Our Lives

Whale - Liv-ya-tan The oceans and the seas of the world are a reflection of the hidden aspects of our lives,... Read More

Holidays of Israel

What Does A Carrot Symbolize?

Carrot - Gezer Every year at the beginning of fall, Hebrew people all over the world are celebrating the birth of... Read More

August 30, 2018


Baby Goat As An Aspect of Goodwill

Baby Goat - Gdee In the Hebrew tradition, the goodwill of wanting to benefit and to bestow is characterized by a... Read More


Qualitative Numbers As An Aspect Of Communication

Language - Lashon (Tongue) Those among us who seek for a proof that the inner ark within us is a word, or a concept,... Read More