Pithom and Raamses As A Reflection Of Human Behavior

Were Pithom and Raamses only ancient cities that the Hebrew slaves built for Pharaoh in Egypt, or those are metaphors for the human behavior in time and space? Pithom in Hebrew פי – תהום meaning a mouth of great depth that swallows everything good that we do, or we say and Raamses in Hebrew is … Continue reading

January 8, 2019


What Is The Difference Between Truth And A Lie In Hebrew?

Good morning 🙂 What is the difference between truth and a lie in Hebrew, and how does the difference come to actualization in the way those two words are written? Truth אמת Emet is written in the letters Aleph, Mem, Tav which are three letters. Aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew Alphabet, Tav … Continue reading

November 26, 2018


Joseph, The Elevating Power Of the Number Eleven

Sages tend to see in Joseph a corrected and updated version of Cain. While Cain becomes a self-possessed one and can’t bear the thought of letting Abel pass through the land with his herd, and kills him for doing so. Unlike Cain, Joseph shares everything, his most intimate dreams, his companionship with the sons of … Continue reading

November 23, 2018


What Is The Relation Between Human Being And Truth In Hebrew?

Good evening and Erev Tov 🙂 What is the relation between Adam אדם, a person, human being and the word truth אמת Emet in Hebrew? The noun Adam is written by the letters Aleph, Dalet, Mem. An expression of the noun Adam אדם in numbers will be, 1 – 4 – 40. The word truth … Continue reading


The Mutual Interface Between The Whale And The Name Levi

Good morning and Boker Tov 🙂 Another aspect of escorting and companionship we find in the noun לויתן, Livyathan, a whale in English. The first three letters of the word לויתן are the same three letters which appear in the name of Levi לוי. The three letters are Lamed, Vav, Yod. When we come to … Continue reading


What Does The Name Levi Mean?

What Does The Name Levi Mean? After giving birth to two sons, Reuben and Simon, both named after the verbs, to see, and to listen (Reuben and Siman) Leah, Jacob’s wife, gives birth to a third son. At her third birth, Leah says: “This time my husband shall accompany me for I gave him three … Continue reading

November 22, 2018