The Mutual Interface Between The Whale And The Name Levi

Good morning and Boker Tov 🙂

Another aspect of escorting and companionship we find in the noun לויתן, Livyathan, a whale in English.

The first three letters of the word לויתן are the same three letters which appear in the name of Levi לוי. The three letters are Lamed, Vav, Yod.

When we come to decode the name Levi we find the following: The first letter Lamed, is not just a letter in the Hebrew Alphabet, but also referring to a verb. The meaning of the verb Lamed למד is to teach. The second letter which appears in the name of Levi לוי, is Vav, referring to a hook, while the third last letter which appears in the name of Levi לוי is Yod. The letter Yod has a numeral value of ten, which stands for completion. So when we say the name, Levi, לוי, we mean: “Teach me to hook myself into a completeness (meaning the divine aspect) and from there let me see the completion of things”.

The whale, לויתן, which its first three letters consist of the letters Lamed, Vav, Yod, lives most of the time under the water in concealment. The whale reflects the fact that most of our life we are being escorted or being companioned by the divinity but somehow do not seem to notice it.

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