What Does The Name Levi Mean?

What Does The Name Levi Mean?

After giving birth to two sons, Reuben and Simon,
both named after the verbs, to see, and to listen (Reuben and Siman) Leah, Jacob’s wife, gives birth to a third son.

At her third birth, Leah says: “This time my husband shall accompany me for I gave him three sons, and she named the third Levi because of the name Levi is inspired from the verb Le’lavot which means in Hebrew to accompany or to escort, or from the verb Lilvot which means to borrow.

Saying that Leah meant the following: as long as I had only two sons I could handle them alone, holding each one of them, in each hand. Holding Reuben at the right hand, while holding Simon at the left hand. But now, after the third birth, when there is a third son, I need another hand which will assist me, so I borrow my husband’s assistance, saying: “This time my husband shall accompany me”, in other words, “I am not alone which the children anymore, for I borrowed an assistant which accompanies me”.

But as we already know every story that is mentioned in the bible, does not speak only for itself but also expresses the infinite in time and place, so the question is now, what kind of a truth is hidden behind this family story?

And the answer is simple: We as human beings have the senses of seeing and listening, which sometimes contradict each other, and in such an inner conflict which is happening inside of us, we need to decide which sense is right, in this case, the Bible offers: Consult your heart, your heart is the best companion, your heart accompanies you days and nights without stopping, with no recess, your heart is your best friend.

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