What Is The Relation Between Human Being And Truth In Hebrew?

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What is the relation between Adam אדם, a person, human being and the word truth אמת Emet in Hebrew?

The noun Adam is written by the letters Aleph, Dalet, Mem. An expression of the noun Adam אדם in numbers will be, 1 – 4 – 40. The word truth in Hebrew, Emet אמת is written in the following letters, Aleph, Mem, Tav. An Expression of the word Emet truth אמת in numbers will be, 1 – 40 – 400.

Now when we look into those relations, without the decades and the hundreds, just looking at the simple numbers, we see the following: Adam אדם human being 1-4-4, and Truth אמת Emet 1-4-4.

In other words, when we find Human being אדם Adam, we find truth אמת Emet.

Adam אדם without the letter Aleph remains with the letters Dalet, Mem. which mean in Hebrew blood דם. Emet, אמת, truth without the letter Aleph remains with the letters Mem Tav, which mean in Hebrew death.

So without the Aleph, the unification power, we can’t have a human being, nor truth.

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