Pithom and Raamses As A Reflection Of Human Behavior

Were Pithom and Raamses only ancient cities that the Hebrew slaves built for Pharaoh in Egypt, or those are metaphors for the human behavior in time and space?

Pithom in Hebrew פי – תהום meaning a mouth of great depth that swallows everything good that we do, or we say and Raamses in Hebrew is רע-מסס that the bad spirit melts all the good.

Sometimes we hang out with people that swallow all the good things that we mention in the conversation, and immediately punch back with bad things that happened to other people (not just great gossip) but much more importantly they don’t leave any space for good to exist, they play “Raamses Game” in which their bad and evil spirit melts all the good things that are existing in the world and play “Pithom Game” by swallowing all good things, ideas, initiations, stories. tips, advice and melting them down and on top they seal the conversation with evil.

So, in this case, we see that Pithom and Raamses are not just ancient cities, but also a blueprint in human behavior.

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