Five Types Of Exile That The Human Soul Experiences

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There are five types of exiles in which we can find ourselves far away from the origin, far away from our soul and those situations of exile are named after the places Israel lived when they could not live any longer in the land of the one, the land of Canaan.

A) Egypt – when we are caught between extremities and can not have a third option, and we can’t even imagine that any other reality is possible.

B) Babylon – confusion in general, when we can’t distinguish between crucial things and secondary things when everything has the same weight at the same time, we can’t say what is up or down what if left or right and when we feel everything is circling around us and we can not have a sense of line in our lives nor aim or destination.

C) Persia – from the ancient realm of Paras פרס which means In Hebrew to slice and from the ancient realm of Medes which means in Hebrew to measure. We are caught in the exile of Persia and Media when we think we can slice, measure and calculate everything.

D) Greek – We are caught in the Greek exile when we think that everything has to be seen and everything has to beautiful and exhibit.

E) Rome – Refers to the kingdom of Edom, from the color red in Hebrew Adom. We are captured in the exile of Rome (Edom) When we behave like hunters, we are hunting after momentary pleasures, never think of the long run, just acting on very short frequency like the hunter who looks for the pleasure of catching the animal and killing it, and asks his helper to pick it up and deliver it, while he is already on the run for the next one.

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