What Does The Word Mashiach משיח Mean In Hebrew?

What does the word Messiah משיח mean? Why the Messiah is born in the darkest times of all, and how we find the power of the Messiah in every one of us?

Messiah In Hebrew משיח Ma-shi-each is written in four letters: Mem, Shin, Yod, Chet. And stands for few directions of thinking:

A) When we divide the word Mashiach into two words we have the following: שם חי, Shem Chai, Meaning the “Name” is alive. Which means that there is always a sense of new life which is coming and popping into every moment in which we can feel, or sense the spirit fresh and young. What does it mean? No depression, no heaviness, no despair, but the opposite: Hope and beliefe in a new clear horizon. Optimism cheerfulness and the ability to think and to plan for the future. For the “Name” refers to the tree of life of which life is steaming from without stopping.

B) Another aspect of the word Mashiach: Mashiach מָשִׁיחַ, the savior, has the same letters like Messiach משִׂיחַ which refers to the inner element in us which holds and host conversations with us all the time. The word Messiach comes from the noun שִׂיחָה Si-cha which means conversation.

C) Another aspect of the Mashiach משיח is from the verb מושך meaning the pulling power in us, meaning the inner element in us who manages to pull us from the river of time, from the daily mechanical activities and show us an alternative way. Also, referring to the power of continuing in spite all the troubles of suffering and pain. In Hebrew the verb Moshech מושך Refers to the ability to attract. When we say that we find someone attractive, it means that he/she are only good: Att( you f) Atta (you m) rac (only) tive (Good, Tov). Meaning when we attract to an idea, friends, objects or something it withdrawing our attention it means we find goodness in them. That’s the secret of attraction.

D) A different angle of the pulling power we find In spoken Arabic. The verb Mashi in spoken Arabic means “is going” meaning never stops or stuck. Always in movement, no obstacle can slow him down or prevent him from living.

E) Another unique aspect of the word Mashiach משיח is that it has the value of 358 like the value of the word Serpent נחש Nachas. In a way, we can say that the Mashiach has the full potential to correct the first sin, which the serpent initiated in the Garden of Eden since The Mashiach has the ability to converse and to speak like the serpent just from the positive side.

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