Why Do We say Amen To Make Wishes Come True

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Why do we say the word Amen אמן in many languages to make wishes come true?

It is rather simple: and the seed to this answer lies in the second chapter of Genesis, In which two trees are mentioned. The tree of life, and the tree of knowledge. The tree of life refers to the potential, to the one, to the origin, while the tree of knowledge reflects the actualization. While the tree of life symbolizes the image of what could have been, the worlds of which we are inspired from, and dream of, the tree of knowledge symbolizes what there is: the dry facts. When the tree of life constantly radiates thoughts and wishes from “there” in Hebrew משם “Misham” which is a close word to the word “Shem,” which implies to the name of the Lord, the Tetragrammaton, the tree of knowledge floats us with information of what is happening “here”, in Hebrew kan, כאן. The tree of knowledge is the mechanical aspect of us. Please note the relation between mechanical and Kan כאן “here”.

The distinction between “Kan” and “Sham” connects us back to the word Amen. The question is how? Since the tree of life symbolizes “the name” and its potential, and the name is composed of four letters Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh, which altogether create the number 26, hence the tree of life will be implied by the value of 26.

When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge, their entity was immediately self-inflated that they forgot about the origin. To correct the sin of Adam and Eve and to always remember who’s the real landlord “here” we say in Every blessing “Baruch Ata Adonai” ברוך אתה אדני Meaning, Bless you, My Sovereign, when we relate to God as present in our life on earth, and name him Adonai אדני, while we turn to him as a second person אתה.

The word Adonai אדני is a keyword in this whole context for this word is used to announce the sovereignty of God “here,” on earth, in the mechanical world, it the realm of the tree of knowledge. The value of the word Adonai אדני My Sovereign is 65.

In a way, we can say that the number 65 symbolizes the tree of knowledge as mentioned in the bible by the term “makes fruit”, עושה פרי, “Osse Pri.”

And to our question Why do we use the word Amen אמן to make things come true, meaning to actualize them? And the answer is simple, The word Amen אמן has a value of 91 which is the sum of 26 which stands for the tree of life “from there” and 65 which refer for the tree of knowledge “from here”. And by saying Amen אמן, we combine the potential of the tree of life with the tree of knowledge to have fruits.

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