What Is A “Biblical Day”?

Evening – Erev
Morning – Bo-ker

Since the Bible is not a history book nor an evolution magazine, what does the Bible mean in words: “And there was an evening, and there was a morning one day?” Does the Bible suggest the unite of 24 hours that we count as a date in the calendar or the Bible means something else?

As a low, the Bible does not speak in human dimensions at all. The Bible speaks in terms of symbols, allegories, images, and myth. So the problem is in our understanding of the Bible.

If people quantitatively relate to the Bible, it will raise troubles, disturbances, and disagreements. Moreover, even people who read the Bible in Hebrew have problems to see through it, because they take the content literally. So even among the Hebrew readers, we have a meta-cognition problem.

So what is the right way to relate to the Bible? First not to read any translations of it. And second is to learn the Hebrew letters and to see beyond them. Now let us try to reread the verse.

Evening – erev – ערב from mixing, so the evening is not a situation of which we open the window and see darkness outside, but an intimate moment that we feel turbulence inside of us, “What to do?”, “Where to go?” “What to think?” “how to act?”, in other words – chaos. So this situation inside of us considered being an “evening” while a case of which everything is clear to us is considered to be a day. There is illumination in mind.

So the Bible does not speak about external physical reality, but about the situations of which the illumination of the soul is hidden from us – an evening, and situations of which the illumination of the soul is reavled to us – a day.

And due to what we have read so far, a “Biblical day,” is not a unit of 24 hours of our dimension.

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