What Do The Ocean And The Whale Reflect In Our Lives

Whale – Liv-ya-tan

The oceans and the seas of the world are a reflection of the hidden aspects of our lives, while the life on land reflects the revealed aspects of our lives.

Jonah – Yona, was requested by Providence to go to the ancient city of Nineveh and ask its residents to repent.

Jonah escapes from the mission and runs to Jaffa port, where he takes a ship that heads the most west destination a person could think of. Jonah immediately pays the whole fee for the journey and goes to sleep at the cabinet.

The ocean becomes stormy, and the captain comes to look for Jonah, to ask him, for what reason the ocean is stormy because according to the sailor’s belief the==== ocean behavior is just a reflection of a human one.

Jonah confesses and asked to be thrown into the waters. The ocean becomes tranquil and a big fish is swallowing Jonah. The Bible uses the term A Big Fish – Dag Gadol דג גדול To tell us what kind of an ocean creature swallowed Jonah.

The Big Fish is a terminology the Bible uses to describe, a bigger dimension of existence. The big fish, the whale is the biggest mammal, and it lives under the water, and that is to imply that the greatest things in our lives are hidden, this is why the big fish swallows Jonah, to tell him, life is not what you think it is, it is much bigger. So Providence takes Jonah for a little tour to show him, how different it is to be conceived in a much bigger dimension of oneself.

It is that in the belly of fish after three days, Jonah is finally praying for the help of the higher, noticing he is in a great darkness recognizing his disability to rescue himself from such a situation. The higher listens to his prayers, and as a result of the listening, the fish pukes Jonah into the land, into his awareness.

So what did we learn today? The ocean is a symbol of our subconscious, and the big fish in it, the greatest living mammal, is a symbol of the subconscious that nourishes and are awakened lives.


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